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I don't make many earrings because I'm not sure I can create the exact same piece and I'm too lazy. lol This piece (no name yet too!), I used bead embroidery and RAW. The pearls are all Swarovski bright gold. Seed bead is czech. Cupchain, center cab and drop bead are chinese glass. I would prefer pacific opal swarovski as a drop dangle, but I don't have it right now. lol


I don't blog here a lot so please don't get upset if I don't accept your friend request. Actually, I appear more on facebook. I know some of you find me there. If you send me a facebook friend request and I don't say yes yet, it is because I don't know who you are and I just don't accept everyone especially someone with blank info. So just send me message. FB is a little more personal stuff, not just only beading area, And sometime I post in my own language or some fangirl stuffs, which will irritate someone. lol

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!
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[Tutorial] Estelia

Tutorial : Estelia
Level : Intermediate


Before you get start, please read community info here.

I added more rules about sharing my tutorials and I have to rewrite it again if I can think of additional rules to add. It's to protect my copyrights. It came to my attention lately that some of my tutorials were stolen to post in other website (Chinese biggest beads supplier you all know) without my permission and all my watermarks also were removed. I already deal with the website, my tutorials were removed and got the apology letter. But it still left me a bad feeling since I'm not sure they found my tutorial themselves or someone DID submit my tutorials for easy cash.

That's also explained my absence. lol Okay, back to tutorial now.

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Sparkling Garden

chivista1, I can't reply your message because of your privacy setting. Please find your answer here.

Sparkling Garden is in Bead and Button magazine, June 2003. You can buy the tutorial here, or you can contact Joetta Payne to buy her tutorial directly.

But if you know how to triangle weave, you can get the blank pattern here.


Sparkling Garden Bracelet, Pattern and designed by Joetta Payne, Published in Bead and Button June 2003. I made the above bracelet many years ago and sold it already. The colors I used here are Rose, Medium Sapphire, Peridot and Fern Green.