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I heard the news about the unauthorized selling of the digital items at some websites. All the info and photos of the products there are stolen from etsy. I found loads of my friends' beading tutorials there.
So, just to be clear once again. Now, I only have one shop at etsy, bybeejang. I don't have zibbet anymore. I won't responsible for any purchase from somewhere else apart from my etsy shop.

These are my experiment bracelets that I plan to write a tutorial. But I don't like the overall look, and haven't got a heart to adjust it just yet. Tutorial is a big maybe. Or I post the free one. Will see ...
Aerith Miss You

Ayesha bracelet - five styles

Ayesha bracelet - five styles. The tutorial is my all time best selling in my shop. You can purchase my beading tutorials at and

I always got inquiries from friends and customers about the colors I used in each colorway. So far, I make five colors. I will include all details for each color in this post.

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