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I have many interests.

You may know me as a die hard Lotr fan.
You may know me as a Vincent fangirl.
You may know me as a Final Fantasy XII guru.
You may know me as a crafty girl.
You may know me as a Dragonlance fan.
You may know me as a photographer in cosplay event.
You may know me as a rocker lady.
You may know me as a jrock fan.

I'm Yaoi fangirl. I love Yamane Ayano Sensei. I love Sephiroth/Vincent.
I love to read fiction. I read manga. I love fantasy novel.
I play games. I own PS3, PS2 and PSP. I love Square Enix. I love Final Fantasy.
I'm craftgirl. I do paper quilling. I love beading. I do crystal.
I'm bead_tutorial's moderator. It's a small community for sharing bead tutorial.

I am a proud member of The Paper Twirlies Group on ETSY. We twirl paper!

If you want to buy something I create either my jewelry or handmade quilling stuffs or any materials I used on my jewelry. Please message me. Or visit my shops. I have many shops at various marketplaces.

Crystals, bead, supplies.

My handmade jewelry and beadweaving tutorial.


Please use LJ private message me to get your coupon code and receive special discount when you buy anything from my shops. Or just convo my using etsy conversation, artfire and zibbet private message to get special discount. Just mention you found me from livejournal.

Piratcha at Zibbet

Piratchada T. BeeJang

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All above banners created by me.

For everything concerning graphic, brushes, and patterns used to decorate my journal, user icons and avatars, I credit you great people here. Thank you very much. More credit will be updated.
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