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[Tutorial] Twin Wave Bracelet

Tutorial : Twin Wave Bracelet
Level : Beginner
Technique : Spiral rope


- Czech Twin Beads or Superduo
- Seed beads 8/0
- Seed beads 11/0
- Seed beads 15/0
- Crystal bicone 3mm.
- Nymo or fireline or your favorite thread
- Needle
- Jumprings and clasp
- Pliers

If you would like to make double spiral, you can use two colors for twin beads and crystal bicones. Seed beads 8/0 will be the core bead.


In this tutorial, I'll show you only the single spiral rope (the blue/green bracelet). But it's very easy. You will get the idea how you can weave this quick and lovely bracelet and you can easily make the double spiral bracelet (the pink/blue bracelet) by yourself. But as always with double spiral rope, the spiral itself is not difficult, but the challenge is how you pass your needle to the rather tight core beads.

For more info on double spiral, please refer to this tutorial



On the comfortable length of thread, pick up three 8/0, one 11/0, one 15/0, one twin bead, one 15/0 and one 11/0. Pass your needle to the first three 8/0 (red arrow). We will use three 8/0 as the core beads.

Use your other hand to hold the tail, leave around 6 inches tail. Pass your needle to all the beads again for good tension.

Note : Instead of passing to all beads like me, you can use stop bead at the start.



Pick up one 8/0 (red arrow), one 11/0, one 15/0, one twin bead, one 15/0 and one 11/0. Pass your needle to the second and third 8/0 (blue arrow) and the new 8/0 we just added (red arrow).

Note : If you make double spiral, please remember we use three 8/0 for core beads. The bead set is 11/0, 15/0, twin/ 15/0 and 11/0.



Repeat step 2 until you reach the desired length.



At the end of the bracelet, I add a small set to cover the last core beads. Just pick up one 15/0 (red arrow. You see, I omit 11/0), one twin, one 15/0 and one 11/0. Pass your needle to the last two 8/0.



We will begin the embellishment!

Pass your needle to the 15/0 (red arrow) and to the twin bead. Then, sew to the next hole of the same twin bead (blue arrow).



Pick up one 15/0, one bicone, and one 15/0. Pass your needle to the top hole of the next twin bead (red arrow).



We will repeat step 6 for all the rest of the bracelet. Just pick up one 15/0, twin bead and one 15/0 and sew to the next twin bead (red arrow). Those bicones will create a lovely wave.



Actually, you don't have to do this step. You can add jumpring directly to the last set in step 4 or create your own beaded clasp. But I like to do the seed beads ring and add jumpring and clasp.

Exit your needle from the last core bead, pick up five 11/0 (you can add seven 11/0 if you like), sew to 11/0 or 15/0 from the set. Add jumpring and clasp and it's done!


I told you, this is very easy and quick to make.


And this is the close up on double spiral. Just let it wave naturally around the bracelet.

I hope you like the tutorial, Happy Beading as always!

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