BeeJang (beejang) wrote,

Bracelet Patterns

Patterns requested by pixiedust070609

I got you some patterns you requested. Sorry it took me long. I knew I have all your requested patterns but it seemed that I couldn't remember which books or magazines got those patterns.

Anyway, here they are.

The twisted bracelet -

Well, this is not exactly the bracelet. It's a wrist watch! I believe you can adapt the pattern to be a bracelet. I choose this pattern because it has English translation too.

Triangular bracelet -

I'm not sure if it is the right one you need. I never try this bracelet.

And for the last Zig Zag bracelet, I'll make the tutorial for you (and yes, I couldn't find the pattern lol). I finished the photo shooting. I will edit the pictures soon and post the instruction later.


I will go to China town tomorrow. Need to restock some beads for Arabella bracelet. I will also try to find more rectangular underwater stones. I love to make more of this bracelet in other colors. Need to buy more fresh water pearls for other projects too.

I can sell a lot lately ... And I also buy a lot too. lol
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